Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Papa can’t read this…”

  03 Mar 12

Parental help- people have been talking about the negative affects of bullying recently. So what do you do when your kid is the bully?

We have settled into the SEND Guesthouse in Higashi-Tokorozawa in Saitama (NW of Tokyo).  It is a really nice place, and fully furnished temporary housing for missionaries.  There are some kids toys for Geneva and an assortment of books. 

She asked me to read some of her new books to her, and of course grabbed the Japanese book. Well, considering that my Japanese is very elementary, I read like an early learner… even a 2 yearold can tell.

Geneva was turning the pages faster than I can read ‘em , and so I told her “Neva, Papa can’t read this book if you turn the pages.”

That night as Emi did night time books, Geneva gave Emi the same Japanese kids’ book and said “Papa can’t read this book!” and then laughed. Then when my cousin Yoshio came to read her stories, she said the same thing to him. (PS it's kind of a briar-rabbit story it's not about lighting friends on fire)

Ugh! It is clear to a two year-old that it is time for Papa to study and learn some Japanese. Such a bully!

It was great to have my cousin Yoshio and his wife Kerri come and get us out of the house. Everyday we venture out a little more.

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  1. I think that's called "what goes around, comes around...aka karma..." :0
    thanks for clarifying, glad to know you aren't reading her books about setting friends on fire...
    We miss you!