Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just so you’re not confused

In South Pasadena there is an intersection that literally has an 8ft Fork statue. It is that fork in the road.

As we passed through security, it felt like that big fork in our family’s journey. Yogi Berra is credited with a proverb “If you come to a fork in the road, take it!”

Well, after we recombobulated post-security, Geneva grabbed her little roller and wanted to pull it through the terminal.  She was taking off, no looking back for this little one. There have been times when I’ve felt guilty about taking her away from BFF’s, loving aunties, her access to Angry Birds, endless hugs, and super supporting grandparents.

But her confidence and Forward! Determination through LAX was awesome. I know this picture is a bit too blurry for my tastes. But it felt like a Pixar montage. I know that in her life I will always look back and realize how Geneva’s enthusiasm soothed our parental guilt.  It also made me realize just how much God loves us to send His child into this broken world to serve us.  Empathy with God is not something we should strive for because it will take us to some dangerous places… but understanding God’s love for us as a loving father made sense to me today. I hear God saying “Just so you’re not confused Sterling and Emi… "

When we arrived in Japan after our 11.5 hours of travel, we had to put ourselves back together. Emi did great on the flight, even though I know it was hard for her to have the morning sickness in a confined flight cabin. She’s tougher than she realizes.

It was finally time to go through immigration at Narita. We walked up to the counter, Sterling (check) Emi (check) and now Geneva… somehow her passport was labeled as a ‘missionary worker’ instead of a dependant. She had the same status as Emi and I. So just in-case we didn’t hear God the first time, he was making it known “Just so you’re not confused Sterling and Emi… Genenva’s role, your roles, and your family role are ALL combined. One is not greater than the other. One is not more important, they are combined and unified.”

“Just so you’re not confused Sterling and Emi and Geneva…”

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