Tuesday, March 5, 2013

“I’m Tony Mendez and I’m here to get you out of the country”

So living in SoCal, the OSCARS are a pretty big deal. The front page of the LA times talks about every category. There are Oscar parties, and pools. People cancel family obligations to watch (not me but others). Well this year, Best Movie went to “Argo” – the Ben Affleck movie about a CIA agent named Tony Mendez who amazingly got the trapped American’s out of revolutionary Tehran.

What was under-appreciated, was that best supporting staff went to Chandra Miller Fienen, my big sister, for the same  Tony Mendez role in our journey. On Feb 21st  she flew into Burbank and declared, “I’m Tony Mendez and I’m here to get you out of the country.”

Chandra did all the little , big, huge, and behind the scenes things to get the four Milbino’s out of the country. (PS for those that don’t know we’re expecting Milbino #2 in September, praise GOD!) There’s a line from the movie “Listen to me and we’ll do this. Don’t listen and Boom! You’re dead.” This was GO-TIME for us.

She helped pack the last box to ship. She cleaned out the last of the condo on Sunday morning. Did some beauty touch-ups, took Geneva to the park, cleaned out our temporary fridge, made Geneva snacks, made Emi laugh and tear up from her loving care.  So not only did she receive best supporting cast- she definitely won BEST PANK – Professional Aunt No Kids.   There’s actually a lot more that she did but like Oscar speeches we don’t want to get the band playing us off the stage.

On our last night in Pasadena, my brother-in-law Mike Fienen, showed up to take one last pull of state-side uncle duty.  We had a great dinner in Pasadena with Dad Hibino, and had breakfast the next day.  We love you both, but thank you Chandra for your award-winning performance! We’re out of the country!!!!

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  1. Donald (aka Chandra, aka Tony Mendez) definitely deserves best supporting sister in the final push. I think I nailed it when I told her she was your Tony Mendez! As bittersweet as it was (for her and all of us), I'm glad she was there to get you out and onto the next step of your journey. We miss you immensely, but are so very proud of you. Hugs to Emi, G and baby "Omi" (as in Oh-mi, Oh-my, I think I'm gonna die? - Great Big Sea?)