Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jesus! Help ME!

Our friend Reiko Brink, gave us a book of Colorful Bible Stories for Kids.  It talks about how Jesus came and helped people along the way. Many of them were suffering from physical ailments, or exclusion from the party. He heard people cry out for help “Jesus! Help Me.”

After a couple rough days of travel, jet-lag, new food, last packing stress, good-byes etc etc. Emi’s body finally caught up to just how much we’ve been through recently.  Her morning sickness didn’t allow her to keep much of anything down yesterday, and she was like Kermit D. Frog: “It’s not easy being green.”

When she is weak in moments like these, Emi will ask me to pray for her. She’s even too weak to try that sometimes.  Geneva has taken to extending a hand towards Emi and pray with us for “Mama and the little ‘Omi’ (short for the Japanese word omiyage or gift)”. Geneva is pretty sweet, and then she’ll go and coax Emi’s back, and say “Mama you want massagi?”

Anyone with a cure for morning sickness please feel free to email at milbino2jpn@gmail.com

In the words of the good (and colorful book) ‘Jesus! Help Me!”

Update: Emi decided to go to her auntie's house in Yokohama for the weekend to get some good homecooked meals. Geneva is charming everyone in the house, and seems to be learning proper Japanese from Auntie Chieko (Emi's mom's sister)

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