Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Hello's and Long Good-Byes

So in the church community, there are these events that drive wives, husbands, or family nuts... They are called "Parking Lot Conversations". They are those moments when you are so close to leaving, but find yourself caught in a conversation that is amongst the most meaningful you've had with someone in a long time.

You start to say all the things that are really going on in your life, but each step brings you closer to the car. Then at some point you, stop and continue the conversation. The result is that either a husband, a wife, or your kids are waiting for said conversants to finish the most meaningful conversation of the whole day.

WELL- imagine a whole week full of Parking Lot Conversations. One Friday night, we went to the Takamoto's Ajinomoto group for a time of prayer. These are friends we've known for the last 3+ years and yet we found ourselves in some of the best conversations... Then last night we had an amazing dinner at our dear friends the Chongs to celebrate and say some Good-Byes. These are friends we've journeyed with through engagements, family deaths, new jobs, new kids, new surprises (aka kid #2), and now Good-Byes. Then we had our Bible Study host a luncheon of more good-byes, and many more kids, and more good food. Then tonight Asian Access and the Johnstons prayed over our journey . Many thanks to our hosts.

Here we are about to embark on a journey with some most favorite people, and each minute is that next step towards that car. This car is really our fight on Feb 28th!

Today, P. Sharon Koh told the rest of EBCLA ,our sending church along with many other partner churches, a reality.   We really love our community, and yet, this journey has called us to leave to go and serve in the name of the community that we really like... So even on stage, we felt like we were having a parking lot conversation with our community.  How to say thank you? How to Say we LOVE YOU?

Instead we hand the mic to Rev. Hibino, and despite our best efforts,  we laughed at his jokes. And he did what He does. He commissioned us to serve in the name of the communities that are sending us, Evergreen Baptist Church, Wintersburg Presbyterian Church, Lake Edge UCC, Lakeside Church of Chicago, CCP, and Presby (Seattle), and the many many friends and families who have empowered us to serve.

Thank you Sharon, and Dad for doing what Asian Access is allowing us to embrace. Although this week is filled with long good-byes, it will lead to new Hello's. In each new friendship we look forward to serving in Hope, Humility and Hospitality.

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