Friday, March 29, 2013

Gaijin Moment of the Day

On Friday, Ster’s cousin’s lovely wife Kerry Clark, came all the way out to the boonies to visit us from her job in central Tokyo’s Roppongi district.  It’s like a 90minute trek on a Friday night from Tokyo to Higashi-Tokorozawa (our temporary housing)

Mama Jo sent Geneva an Easter care package with Chocolate eggs, games, and an egg dying kit..  Sterling went to the store on Friday to get the eggs, and vinegar. After asking the clerk where the vinegar was in his elementary Japanese, he found the right section. Now there was a BIG bottle for like ¥1200 or the small one for ¥400. Of course living on a budget, went with the cheaper one.  So we are dying eggs with Kerry (aka Auntie Kerry to Geneva) and the eggs aren’t really changing colors.  We tried a couple different things, but Neva was losing a bit of interest. Sterling is used to working with acetic acid from work (i.e the chemistry form of vinegar) and is like this doesn’t really smell strong.

Kerry is a polished Japanese learner, and says let me see the bottle, and points out that Sterling bought sake instead of vinegar. D’OH! The joys of being illiterate.

The result is that only pink and purple really worked, so Geneva got her first Easter in Japan, but it’s up to her dad to learn how to read so we don’t continue cooking with mystery ingredients.

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