Sunday, March 24, 2013


(Gaijin is the Japanese term for foreigner)

This past 6 months has been filled with changes all around. Can you imagine for a bit what Geneva is thinking? Well the fun part for us, is that since she is a talkative two-year old, we get to hear her thoughts pretty much unfiltered.  She’s been a trooper throughout the last 6 months going across the country, playing with new friends, only to have to say good-bye by the end of the night.  Geneva has jumped on planes, slept in new houses, and woken up in five different time zones.

Yet through it all, she seems to be handling all the change the best. Now I get people telling me how she is the most photogenic kid they know? or does she have her moments? And yes, she’s had her moments when she just doesn’t want to go.

We were heading out the door on a busy Sunday, and she had a busy Saturday the day before. We had another 45-50 min train ride ahead of us if we left at that minute right now.

However, it was just not going to happen. That day she was  Dee-oh-en-ee DONE!

So as I tried to get her out the door one last time, she screamed “I want to watch SUMO!!!” (she had seen it the day before on television, and we watched the spring Basho together the Sunday before).

It’s hard to argue with that logic. However, even as I came to the decision that enough is enough, and we canceled the meet-up, it’s awesome to see her grab onto something so different so soon.

***I think she’s gaming the system though as Geneva and Emi often watch the 15min NHK Drama each morning. She recognized the star of the drama on train advertisement the other day.***

(Emi and G enjoying 15min of NHK Drama in the morning)

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