Wednesday, July 10, 2013

That's how they do it in Japan.

Each morning we set out our laundry (yes! We do laundry everyday in our Tokyo-size laundry machine). We met our neighbor, her name is Ito-san, and has a 6month old daughter. She often sees Sterling hanging the laundry as Emi gets Geneva dressed after breakfast. This makes Sterling look like a really good husband.

Ito san helped us figure out our trash (All trash is sorted in Japan, and is put out on a different day.
Ito-san and her beautiful little girl K.
They have been good friends for G,
Emi and teaching us the
 way to do it in Japan.
Mon-burnables, Tues- Plastics but not bottles, etc etc it’s mindblowing! Friends can’t help you as their neighborhood had different rules). Ito san also is very nice and even invited Geneva in for a play-date after several weeks of us living here. Being invited into a home is a hard barrier in Japan, but Ito-san was very generous.  
Our daily routine of laundry drying on our porch.

Everyday she puts out her family’s laundry. Sterling wanted to beat her just one time, and get the laundry out first. He finally did it! …only to have it rain 20 minutes later. MOVE FAST, grab the clothes!

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