Monday, April 8, 2013


After we cleaned up from 5 hours at the kasestu and clean up. Robert told me that we were going to go to a field nearby to help a SBBC contact start his community garden.

In Japan, and Tohoku especially, many families have small gardens.  This rural area of Japan grows many of Japan’s vegetables, and produce, as well as the many fisheries of the coast.  Post tsunami, many of the residents miss growing their own vegetables. A SBBC member got a plot of land to be used for the members of the kasetsu to use as a community garden.

Well, when we showed up to the plot, it wasn’t a small plot of land, but a WHOLE plot that could fit a sizeable house. The plot wasn’t level, so they wanted our help moving dirt to level the garden….by hand and simple tools.

Robert, and friends had a good attitude about it, as we all chipped in running wheel barrels of dirt from one side to another. It was hard work.  Geneva watch videos and ate snacks on a cooler with the Pastor’s kid nearby.

The hard labor felt good, but man, there is NO shortage of needs for our missionary colleagues.

playing water games with kasetsu kids and SBBC staff

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